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Jan 2, 2006
84 was one of the worst years for the 307. I don't mean it was any different than the rest of them, it was availability. There was a shortage of foundry engine blocks for the 307 in late 83, so a bulletin was issued restricting 307 to the big cars only. I got a copy of it around here somewhere. Hurst/Olds was the only exception to that restriction. Which means, 3.8 V6's abound. I don't know how long this lasted, as obviously some 84 G-bodies that weren't H/Os came with 307s. Ironically, Oldsmobile G-body production was STILL outstanding for the 1984 model year, 4th highest in the 78-88 model years with nearly a quarter million 2 door notchbacks. 79 (#1), 78 (#2), and 81 (#3) were the top of the heap in 2 door notchback styles.

My dad used to have an 84 Calais with a 307, but not sure when his build date was. Obviously not late 83 that's for sure. As a bonus, it was kinda cool it had an aluminum hood and bumper bars.
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