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I know it’s been officially cancelled, but is anyone going anyway?
To the locals: Is there any cruising going on? I’ve read online that it’s been pretty heavy.
Is it pretty safe in Detroit? I’ve never had a problem in previous years, but this isn’t like any other year.
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Dec 2, 2018
Detroit area
There are quite a few out cruising up and down. The Royal oak Police start traffic coning off most all of the empty parking lots around 7:00 and have most all shut at by 9:00. There are a few areas were people sit in there lawn chairs and enjoy the people out cruising. I posted pictures last year of a random friday summer night and just how many cars there are out. That's when Royal Oak started to close down the lots, the people that live around that stretch of Woodward had had enough of burn-outs and turbos screaming till midnight every weekend of the summer. But still enjoyable to take the ride from 9 mile up and around the Pontiac loop and back. As far as the Dream Cruise all events in all cities have been cancelled.
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Aug 8, 2011
If the weather is nice I will probably take the Regal out there and just cruise around, hopefully the 2021 cruise will be somewhat normal and I will take the Monte out there like I usually do but who knows.
So if you see a spray canned black 86' Regal out there with a hood tach you will know who it is.
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