Worst Vehicle Ever


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Jun 15, 2012
Florida Beach
2006 Scion XB...bought with 247K for $500. Fleet car. Currently 291K with 1 alternator, 1 water pump, and 1 front hub/bearing. Everything works and gets 32-35 MPG.

Absolutely soul-less, but cheap

Currently it has decided that the Cat is inefficient, started about a week ago. Pondering course of action. It for sure won't be getting the $1200 OE replacement
Gut it and put in the O2 Simulator for the post-Cat sensor. It's just a resistor so could even just pop one of them in.

I'll stand behind the Civic I have, bought it used at 98k miles from the previous owner in Jan 2019. Gets a solid 37+mpg. I have over 150k on it at the moment, change oil and rotate tires every 6k. That 2006-2012 generation has the R18A1 Engine in it which has a Timing Chain, not the Timing Belt most other Honda stuff is known for. Good for 350k miles, literally drive and maintain properly. The only thing I've done is an AC Compressor because the bearing on the pulley went out and it can't be replaced so you have to do the whole thing.. :rolleyes:
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Oct 22, 2017
make and model aside,worst vehicle ever?the one that doesn't start and stops me from getting to work..
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Feb 20, 2018


Couldn't find any junk yard dogs for either of these. A couple of years in the yard and they mostly dissolve back to their component rusticles.

'77 Ford Rancheros were SO Bad for doors rotting off that Ford almost tried to deny recalls. Some dealers wouldn't show them because, right from the factory, they were already so bad that the paint had fallen off.

The mid 70's were notorious for bad body panels because the factories were trying to cut costs by using recycled/manufactured metal and the foundries cheaped out by going cold on the re-smelt. Without the high heat needed, the rust would not burn off and the metal came out contaminated from the get-go.

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