1979 malibu

  1. Ho Jo

    Ho Jo

  2. Dezimade

    MALIBU What the hinge?

    Hi guys just tried to pop on a pair of hinges I got handed. Here’s the rub…… The drivers side hit the windshield washer plastic cap. Would not make the clearance? I guess I will have to make sure I have the proper part and number for that matter. Can someone point me to a favorite pair that...
  3. Neon Bez

    Neon Bez

    Neon Dez
  4. Dezimade

    MALIBU AC Compressor

    Hey guys looking to buy a A/C compressor. Of course the hottest day of the year ! What do you think? I would love a lead .. I’m interested in GM. Seeing all sorts of numbers. Also need a go to reliable site/company. Thanks Dez Yes it has been upgraded.
  5. Dezimade

    Door concerns

    Happy 4 th. I’m addressing the doors on my coupe 79 Malibu Classic. New glass. Yes I found 2. That said I’m interested in door sound., as well as water protection, mylar, etc. there is a lot out there. Can anyone pour me in a direction what to tend to as of importance so I don’t have to go back...
  6. Daddy


    1979 Malibu 🇺🇸 Coupe
  7. Duaner

    MALIBU 1979 Malibu

    1979 Malibu

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