1. CaliWagon83

    CaliWagon83's Consolidated Question/Tech/Update thread

    Hi All! I'm about to inherit an '83 Regal wagon that's been in the family since new. Right now it's in Tennessee, but will soon make its way back out to the Left Coast. It's pretty clean and relatively low-miles (I think about 63k right now). It's that ubiquitous baby blue metallic with...
  2. gdouaire

    1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham

    My father's Oldsmobile, a 4-door Cutlass with an anemic 231 2BBL V6. That engine used to make 110 hp when it was new, but now it's probably lower. The car is loaded with options - A/C, power everything, vinyl roof, rallye wheels. It has a 200C transmission and the gears in the differential are...

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