cruise control

  1. Hamrtym2

    4.3 TBI to 350 carb swap/ecm?

    i have a 1987 Monte Carlo LS with the 4.3 TBI in it that my uncle bought in 93. He has since passed of cancer and my father obtained the car and is now also diagnosed with cancer so I’m trying to finally get this car going. The 4.3 that is in it is the 2nd engine this car has had and is...
  2. CaliWagon83

    Getting Cruise Control to Work with DBW Throttle

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any of you that have any experience swapping in an LS with a DBW throttle have had any success in getting cruise control to work with it. Can you use the original combo turn signal/wiper stalk, or do you need to swap it out for a newer one? Thanks.

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