1. Phreaktor

    Rearend upgrades in a 6.0L Lowrider Cruiser (Hydraulic Car)

    What’s up fellas? Something a little different here… I’m building an 82 Monte Carlo lowrider that will have a 6.0L LS swap (400-425HP) and hydraulic suspension. This car won’t be used for racing, just cruising and highway driving. It’ll also be on 13” wire wheels and 155/80/R13 tires. The car...
  2. michael_boomin

    differential help

    doing a rear disc conversion and can’t get the rear diff cross rod out. the retaining bolt has been pulled but i cannot get it out. i’ve tapped on it and used the magnet technique and still can’t get it out. looking for any tips
  3. MalibuHacon

    Sloppy rear end and how to fix it.

    I have a 1980 malibu with a 350 transmission and open diff rear end. My car makes loud clicking noises when i change from park to reverse/drive or reverse to drive etc. also makes click when i accelerate hard. there is about 3-4mm of up and down slack where the driveshaft meets the...
  4. MalibuHacon

    Chevrolet Malibu: Rear Axle/Diff problem

    Last week I had my car through inspection and the car got one fault "right rear, wheel bearing". And so I was happy to know I only had this one thing to fix. I read up on how to replace a wheel bearing of course, however upon getting to pull out my rear right axle part (the one you mount the...

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