1. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Rim question

    Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for new rims and tires and wanted some advice. I currently have 18 inch chrome IROC replicas that slightly scrape on the frame up front if I turn the wheel completely in both directions. I'm not the biggest fan of the stock rally rims that we have in the...
  2. Irishspring46

    Wheel fitment 1985 Monte Carlo ss

    I’ve got a 1985 Monte Carlo ss. I want to put a 2 inch drop all around and want 18x9.5 wheels they have a 5.29 backspace and they have a 01mm offset. Was wondering if anyone had any input on how this would fit and if it would fit without issues? I’m going to have drop springs with shortened...
  3. W

    Wheel fitment on malibu

    First time poster here looking for some info on wheel fitment. I ended up ordering the Jegs SSR Wheels in a 15 x 8 with a 4 1/2 inch backspacing. So I just got tires put on and I’m running to 245/40r15 BFG G Force rival And I went for a test drive after checking wheel fitment as far as hitting...
  4. Reddzedd

    Malibu wagon maximum stock tire size?

    I'm sure this exact same question has been asked previously, but I've been trying to find concrete answers to no avail. I'm looking to buy some aftermarket wheels for my '78 wagon. It's completely stock at the moment (no notches, stock ride height, fenders not rolled, stock rear end width, no...

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