Ac stop leak


Lost in the Labyrinth
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Sep 18, 2009
Queens, NY
The only kind of stop-leak that I think is safe, is the kind that makes the seals swell. But that kind won't seal holes. The kind that seals holes by reacting to moisture, does seal the holes. But if any moisture is in the system, it hardens there too. My Mom's Oldsmobile was still R12 and the seal swelling stuff did the trick. I also added some R12 equivalent to replace the lost freon, and it stayed cold until the car was junked. I used the sealer that reacts to moisture on my Jeep, and it worked well for a while. But eventually at the orifice tube, where moisture will occur due to the pressure change, it began clogging. I changed the tube, vacuumed it down, it ran OK but again after a while it still gummed up. Your best bet is to find the leak and fix it. The only moving part in the system is the compressor, and that is the usual culprit. But the leak could be at a hose or component. You must test and see what is going on.

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