1. J

    Landau / Vinyl Top Molding

    Hey everyone. I’m Joe coming Austin, Texas. I’m new to the forum and recently got a 87 Regal Limited. I’ve wanted a G Body since I was little and finally made it happen. I am trying to find the molding that goes around the rear glass for the vinyl (landau) top. I’ve searched the forums and...
  2. bob_t442

    1987 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Interior Color Chart

    Does anybody have the color names/codes that were offered on '87 Cutlass Supremes for the interior trim? I'm trying to help a buddy (by remote control - he lives 2 hours from me) who is looking to get interior paint for his car, which was painted from the factory in Light Chestnut and came with...
  3. door welcome light

    door welcome light

  4. Not Your Typical Sunday Drivers

    Not Your Typical Sunday Drivers

    going to guess 1986?
  5. tremayne0126

    NEW USER 1987 Monte Carlo SS T-Top NEED HELP

    Finally bought the car of my dreams even though i owned a 2012 Camaro, The nostalgia alone tops that car. car seems 100% perfect except The T-top Roof Header Panel is completely rusted out I brought this part brand new but all body shops are saying the rust is under that also and...
  6. D

    Is this regal a Clone?

    Came across this regal for sale and need to know is this a true turbo or not? Not really knowledgeable on regals always been big on monte’s but can’t beat the price. Video I tried to upload was too big sorry EDIT: It is an 87 I just can’t post any addictional pictures from my iPhone
  7. Injectedcutty

    '87 GP for sale.

    I've seen this Grand Prix sitting on the road off and on for awhile now...finally got curious enough to see why it's sat for sale this long. Overall, it looks like a pretty solid car, i checked out the frame and it didn't look horrible, some surface rust on the roof, but who knows how it looks...
  8. P

    Looking for parts

    Does anybody know where i can find doors and a fiber glass 4" cowl good for my 87' grand prix, or does anybody know which doors and hoods are interchangeable between the g bodys?
  9. P

    87 Grand prix question

    i recently purchased a 87 grand prix that had the original engine pulled and a chevy 350 put in but the person that did the swap just left a lot of the un needed ires hanging there and i would like to clean it up but i can not find any wiring diagrams for the car i also can not find any hilton...
  10. OhGee

    new guy, 87 442 Chicagoland

    sup fellas? I just picked up this 87 442 with 135k on the dash for a great price. one owner car, small rust bubbles on the bottom of the doors. no trim on the body, which leads me to believe its been painted. but I've seem both trim and no trim 87 442's. slow poke stock 307 needing a tune up and...
  11. Injectedcutty

    BUILD THREAD 87 Cutlass EFI build: 9/13/23..NEW STUFF!

    I have been wanting to post my ride on here for awhile now and, well, here it is. This is my 87 cutlass supreme that I've had for 14 years now....it has been through several transformations over the years going from the olds 307 to a sbc 355...then upgraded to efi about 8 years ago. But when i...

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