1. M

    Rough Idle 267 4.4L V8

    My 1981 Chevy Monte Carlo has been running very rough when idling. When I put it in drive it gets a lot worse, but at high rpm it is smooth. I’ve just replaced all of the spark plugs yesterday and it was running smoother than ever. The engine has 72,000km on it and has brand new oil, air and...
  2. Luke's82

    Help please! My 1982 Malibu Classic wagon suddenly runs terribly

    The wagon has a 267 v8 stock. Within the past year, the car has had new plugs, wires, and distributor. Two days ago, I filled it up with premium (usually do once a month), and gave it a car wash. It ran well all the way home after the fill up and wash, but the next morning would not idle when...

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