1. B

    BUICK 454/th400 swap

    I have a very clean 81 lesabre (it’s basically just a big g body 😁) that currently hosts a 350 that smokes like a diesel and a 700r4 that has a lack of 3rd and 4th gear. This winter I’m hoping to swap in a 454/th400 getting the motor and trans mounted is not my concerns, the wireing aspect...
  2. M

    L29 454 ROUND 2........FIGHT!!!!

    Well life is a series of peaks and valleys. As I was on my way to have my car looked at for an estimate to repair rear end collision damage done by a midget neckbeard Millenial with no brakes or sense in a nissan hardbody pickup, my lowered 4” in the front 3” in the rear cone filter L29 took a...
  3. M

    L29 454 swap

    hey all, my name is Blake, and I have a 1984 Monte Carlo ss with a targetmaster 2pc rms 350 that was installed in 1986 under warranty, and the original th350c. At some point in time somebody installed a 3.73 motive gear into the open carrier (and didn’t change the speedo gear), but with the...
  4. 468monte

    454 86 monte carlo LS suggestions

    Hello everyone I recently just purchased a 86 monte carlo LS not going to be a race car but hoping for at least 450 hp for a fun street car. And I came across a 73 2 bolt 454 short block. Well I got it in the machine shop currently getting balanced here's what I got so far 454 bored .060 over...
  5. B

    78 Elco Project-New to forum

    Had an early 80's Elco about 20 yrs ago that i had just barely gotten started on by swapping in a sb and auto trans in place of the v6 and 3 sp man along with exhaust. Then life got in the way and i had to sell it for a work rig. So for 20 yrs i have watched others build, race, and just flat out...
  6. R

    New guy

    Hey all. New to the site just dropping by to introduce myself. Currently driving a 78 Malibu Wagon (factory 4-speed car). Lowered a few and being slugged around by a 454 and of course a 4-speed.
  7. MotoringArtist

    Regain a little that was taken away

    This build came about as a gesture by some friends, family, and other car nuts. I have severe health issues stemming from Crohn's diseases with induced Rheumatoid arthritus. I draw photo realistic pencil art of muscle cars and classics as a way to cope. I spent most of last yr in the hospital...

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