1. DPF 84 Hurst


    Hi, LS1 I’m 84 hurst, single wire alt What is the correct way to make this work. I’ve seen so many different options on YouTube and none are consistent. I have the factory LS harness connected and I have all of the hot wires connected to the alternator and starter but I was told the alternator...
  2. Dezimade

    MALIBU Alternator

    looking for a performance alternator Non serpentine. For now. I like the Black Matt I see but in new at this electronics. So can I get one ? Dez
  3. 80elky

    Alternator troubles

    So my 1980 el camino (350 engine swap) is having some troubles with the alternator. The first thing that I noticed is that the battery was not charging. The battery is only a few months old and holds a charge so I know it's not that. Then I noticed that the headlights and dash lights were not...
  4. H

    Passenger side alternator bracket

    Does anyone know how if there is a passenger side alternator bracket for a 78 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (4.3 l v8 260 cu in with ac)? I'm trying to remove and ac and replace it with a second alternator.
  5. LukeZ

    Burned electronics

    Hey guys, wanted to see if anyone has had a similar problem to this so I can get it fixed quick. I was driving the Camino and a bunch of gray smoke came out of the dash from the steering column and it smelled terrible. It went away after 3 seconds. I pulled over and turned off the engine to see...
  6. M

    '79 Malibu giving me headaches

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum so first off thanks for having me! I'm having a few problems with my Malibu that I picked up in February. I've done a few mods since then. I've put on headers, mufflers, 650 summit carb and intake. With all this effort I still have some underlying problems. 1. I...
  7. SuperCutlassGT406

    SI to CS conversion issue...

    Recently had my alternator and battery crap out on me (voltage regulator went and boiled the battery) so decided to upgrade to a CS144. I bought the plug WITH the resistor in it as I was not sure which to get as I have a cutlass with the rally gauges but it also has the CHARGE light so I thought...
  8. MalibuHacon

    New Alternator acts weird, and barely charges battery.

    Since the day i got my 1980 malibu classic about 4 months ago i've been having problem with the alternator not charging properly, it charged very bad, only good when the car was on choke... i replaced my battery a few months ago because a cell or two was bad, i didn't change much.. anyways, i...

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