chevy 305

  1. J

    MONTE CARLO Installing b&m automatic shifter knob

    I just bought a b&m shifter knob, along with a boot and boot plate. I realized the handle doesn't have a button on it, and obviously the factory one does. Is there a type of bushing or something else I could use to allow the whole handle to move down and act as a button? I assume I'd just...
  2. Jdb808702

    My first Cheverolet Monte Carlo 22k original miles!

    I Bought this 1985 Monte Carlo about 3 months ago. It has 22k original miles. I’m the 3rd owner. It was sitting since 2014 under a carport with a car cover on the westside of Oahu. The grandson of the elderly man that passed away listed it on craigslist. I’ve always loved these G-bodies Monte...
  3. RegMan79

    Edelbrock EPS. Worth it?

    Hey all, I got a 79 Monte stock 305, th350, 273 gears (possibly going to 3.73 soon). I found an edelbrock performer EPS for really cheap. Would this fit? Would it work with or with out emissions issues? Would it even be worth the effort?

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