1. liquidh8

    How To: Station Wagon and El Camino Digi-Tails LED Taillights

    We all know that the 78-87 El Camino, and 78-83 G-body wagon, have low and difficult to see taillights. Compared to today’s vehicles with high mounted, and bright, LED taillights, these old G-body lights need some help to keep the preoccupied driver behind aware that you are stopping or...
  2. Injectedcutty


    To all the cutlass owners, i am trying to get some traction on whether yall would buy a set of digi-tails led taillights. Matt at digi-tails said if they have a big enough interest they could get the ball rolling on production. I posted a poll to vote on them and when the poll ends i will send...
  3. Injectedcutty


    To all the cutlass/cutlass supreme owners here....ive been told by matt at digi-tails that if they get enough requests that they could possibly get a set of led lights going for the g body cutlass!!!! For those who want to upgrade to led just email digi-tails with your vehicle info and they will...

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