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Feb 20, 2017 at 7:45 PM
Feb 16, 2011
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Comic Book Super Hero, Male, from Yardley, PA or wherever the military takes me

Wagon is painted finally, super pleased. Check out my thread for pics. Jan 22, 2017

liquidh8 was last seen:
Viewing thread How To: Camaro Rear Disc Brake Swap to G-body Axle, Feb 20, 2017 at 7:45 PM
    1. liquidh8
      Wagon is painted finally, super pleased. Check out my thread for pics.
    2. liquidh8
      Spending ore money on the wagon, but I just bought some great things. Pics to come when I get it in the mail.
    3. 1984cutty
      Car dies when I disconnect neg battery cable . V6 3.8L NEW: cap rotor spark plug &wires alternator&connector (pigtail) battery
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      2. liquidh8
        Then if you are, check the battery terminal for 13.8 volts +/- while its running. If those are good, you may have a bad engine ground. Since you remove the ground wire from the battery, which is connected to the engine, but if the ground strap from the engine to the body is faulty, it would cause it.
        Mar 2, 2016
      3. 1984cutty
        Thanks a lot , will preform the proper test this time
        Mar 2, 2016
      4. 1984cutty
        Is it normal for my new alternator test good in the store but reads bad votlage regulator after installed
        Mar 2, 2016
    4. liquidh8
      Can't wait for spring to arrive, I think the damn groundhog lied.
    5. liquidh8
      Can't wait till the holidays are over!
    6. liquidh8
      Winters coming, Ineed to hustle up and get this paint job done!
    7. liquidh8
      The wagon is almost ready for paint.
    8. liquidh8
      Wish there was more time in a day.
      1. GP403 likes this.
    9. liquidh8
      I really need to get this car to paint!
    10. liquidh8
      I just want to get back on the wagon, I am so past my paint deadline!!!
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    1981 Buick Century Wagon: 86 GN Engine/Trans. Custom SS 3" DP, Dual 3" exhaust, SLP Loud Mouths, EBL SFI-6, PowerPlate, Double Pumps, N2O, 3.5" CAI, K&N Filter, WBO2, lots of porting on stock intake, heads, turbo inlet bell, Fast Start Ignition with LS1 Coil-On-Plug, and other stuff! Build Up Thread
    1979 Malibu Wagon: 350, Vortec heads, fuel injection (thanx RBob @ http://www.dynamicefi.com), N20, 2004r, 4wheel discs, AFCO coils front/rear, boxed control arms, big sway bars, monster PPI/Kicker/pioneer system, 4inch cowl hood,too much stuff to list. (GONE!)
    1964 Chevelle SS vert: 302, munci, 12 bolt, awaiting resto
    1970 Monte Carlo: 350, TH350, wife's hot rods. Getting the injected Vortec engine from the Malibu Wagon.
    1965 El Camino: Future drag project!

    ASE Certified Master Mechanic

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