1. matty_krv

    ‘85 El Camino

    I was asked to post some pics of my ‘85 ElCo so here goes! It’s my daily driver so I’ve done a lot to it- and almost everything has been replaced or altered in some way- “Lucky” is powered by a supercharged 383 stroker paired to a t700rh transmission, Holley Sniper EFI, Holley Hyperspark...
  2. Carlos Garcia

    Back in action.

    So I finally got my project painted and this is what I got so far for the body. I need opinions. I think we went too high with the silver color?
  3. Carlos Garcia

    BUILD THREAD Project El Camino aka "B Daddy 78"

    So I'm fixing a 1978 el camino and one of the first things that I want to do is change those drum brakes to disc. Any one has any pointerson which is the best way to go? I'm thinking on getting a set of camaro brakes from a local junk yard to do the swap. I'm currently redoing the body. Here are...

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