1. GP403

    AD 🗓🔥 2022 GBodyForum G-Body Calendar INFO 🗓 FINALLY the thing is here! It's here! For REAL. Well, almost. I don't have them in my hand JUST yet, but they're on the way. EVERYONE who sent a picture got into it in one form or another. I didn't want to put more than one on a...
  2. RNGredline

    Looking to clone my regal

    Hi i am actually 16 with a 1983 buick regal and I actually know a bit about my car and am a huge fan of the buick grand national! I really am looking forward to cloneing my regal as i cant afford a real GN, just wondering is there any certain parts i need to change out? Yes i got the hood and...
  3. Jdb808702

    My first Cheverolet Monte Carlo 22k original miles!

    I Bought this 1985 Monte Carlo about 3 months ago. It has 22k original miles. I’m the 3rd owner. It was sitting since 2014 under a carport with a car cover on the westside of Oahu. The grandson of the elderly man that passed away listed it on craigslist. I’ve always loved these G-bodies Monte...
  4. synoptic12

    GBODYFORUM- Update "Look"

    The 'new' or re-structured website of GBODYFORUM is much better.

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