1. jwood1213

    BUILD THREAD 1988 Monte Carlo SS Frankenstein project

    Here's roughly 3 years of work on a t-top MCSS. We're doing a full restomod, floor, quarters, t-top portion of the roof. The whiter doors came off a different car that had been sitting in a warehouse since the 90's and the trunk panel on the 14th picture was an unused extra that we were told was...
  2. Swindells

    CUTLASS General paint discussion

    The time is coming soon to paint my cutlass and I’m having a very hard time deciding what colour/colours to paint it I was thinking a high gloss white originally being as I have the bluey/green stock interior, kinda limits me to choices for exterior paint but I think I’d like to go 2 tone just...
  3. Swink

    Best way to protect rocker panels?

    Just went and saw my 81 elco fresh out of the paint booth. The guys at the body shop did an absolutely incredible job, way too good for the daily driver that it is. Where I live the roads are horrible so I'd like to protect the rocker panels from getting all chipped up by gravel. I had the shop...
  4. IMG_20160816_133044.jpg


  5. bob_t442

    1987 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Interior Color Chart

    Does anybody have the color names/codes that were offered on '87 Cutlass Supremes for the interior trim? I'm trying to help a buddy (by remote control - he lives 2 hours from me) who is looking to get interior paint for his car, which was painted from the factory in Light Chestnut and came with...
  6. LukeZ

    Help me match my paint?

    Hey guys, Long story short, I bent the hood on my car last spring so I bought a new one from Summit. I had it delivered to a body shop and they said theyll paint it to match my current color. At first they did the thing where they take out a special camera and take a picture of my paint, and it...

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