ss monte carlo

  1. 20191109_110842.jpg


    Bout to take her out
  2. door welcome light

    door welcome light

  3. 3D0ECD33-3997-479C-81D0-047D306774C6.jpeg


  4. 58DE0C87-AF28-43ED-BC7F-3B4B08D4A50E.jpeg


  5. J

    Fair affordable Gbody/classic car mechanic in the DFW area???

    Hi I have a 81 Monte Carlo SS in the Fort Worth area. I was wondering does anyone know a good mechanic to do some engine/restoration work on the vehicle for me?
  6. James Hannigan


    Any one have a thought on this nasty sound? Wait until return idle, noise will begin.
  7. D

    What motor should I go with?

    So I am still searching for a G body SS Monte Carlo but I am having trouble trying to decide what motor should I go about putting in it as well as trans. My original idea was to just get a 350 and swap the heads and can so I can still have a decent amount of power, because I highly doubt that...

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