OLDS 1988 20th Anniversary H/O rebirth thread


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Jul 15, 2013
Palm Bay, Fla
Since my original thread from a year ago is "not open for further replies", I will restart it.

I got the Derale fans setup reinstalled and rewired with 10ga wire for each fan power wiring both + and - . I used some bigass relays that are rated for "120 amps", but I'll take that with a grain of salt. I just hope they last. Wired the two fans' relays to two temp switches now installed in the intake, one for 185 and one for 200 with a 160 thermostat in the water neck. I wired diodes across the relay coils to snub the inductive kickback so that the temp switches' bimetal elements don't get arc stuck over time. This is something a lot of people forget about and have that issue down the road.

I installed the Walbro in-tank fuel pump with a regulator and return at the tank set for 7psi since I still have the Q-jet carb on it.

I still have to reinstall the outside door 88 H/O trim piece and reinstall the interior door panel once I'm done with that. The list is pretty short, but I still have some other things to do to fix back up after all these years. I am hoping to keep adding to this thread over the next few months. Donovan and others on here have kept me motivated when I really just wanted to sell everything. Thanks all!

Here is last night after filling with coolant.
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Feb 2, 2015
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Since my original thread from a year ago is "not open for further replies", I will restart it.

No need to completely restart a new thread. When one of your posts gets locked up due to inactivity, just PM GP403 to have him unlock it. It’s even FOC.

Glad to hear myself and others have kept you motivated and that you didn’t up and sell everything. I think that would’ve been a serious mistake. Nice to see progress from you!
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Oct 14, 2008
If the relays don't last, may I suggest the 80 amp rated Davies Craig digital adjustable fan controller. Zero issues in the last two years. Every other controller I have bought was a POS. Good to see it alive again. I should have bought one of these 88 H/O kits when it went for $300 twenty years ago on Ebay.
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