1988 Cutlass Supreme Classic One Last Time Hopefully

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Jan 21, 2020
Hello out there
After a dozen or so years tinkering with AMC's Javelins, Spirit AMX, Concord AMX etc. I sold out cause despite how rare these are they held no true value as they should, cause they just aren't desirable but to a small niche of people.
Growing up in the 80's I've always been a Cutlass fan because of the style. In the past 8 years I've bought and sold a 1988 Supreme Classic, 1979 Hurst Olds, 1980 442, 1986 442. I probably shouldn't have sold the Hurst Olds as it was basically a COPO car, probably a 1 of 1 as this had a small badge on the dash that scripted especially made for James Deal with the Oldsmobile symble, was installed with a 403 not a 350 and had Pontiac LeMans 1975 striping along the lower car above the rocker chrome. I found this out after the fact, wouldn't have sold it otherwise.
Anyhow, after selling my 1980 442, probably shouldn't have that either but did with only 886 built, a customer called me and said he wanted to sell his son's 88 Cutlass Supreme Classic. Was parked and had set outside since 2006 but does have 80,000 original documented miles. My wife of course has busted my *ss about saying I'm gonna keep a car but then don't, she has a point.
This is a one owner car bought locally and has the original invoice bill of sale and other documentation. The car cost $16,000 new, a lot of money for then. I can see why it was as I don't think there is an option that wasn't checked off at the time of purchase.
T-Tops, 307 w/overdrive, console shift, bucket seats, rally gauges, power windows, power seat, power door locks, sport steering wheel, rear window defrost, air conditioning, cruise control, sway bar, tilt steering wheel, full rocker chrome and chrome rally spoked wheels.
Interior is amazingly good for sitting outside, body is stupid solid except for the trunk deck which I bought another in a junkyard for $100. Floors and trunk is really good.
I knew I wouldn't get lucky to just change the fluids and put a battery in it to get it running. However after just replacing the gas tank, sending unit, fuel pump, plugs and wires and had the carb rebuilt it now runs perfect and shifts perfect. Was surprised the brake lines and fuel lines didn't rot.
The only things that don't work is the power seat and power door locks, but am quite sure it's probably something small. The only other things I did was change front wheel bearings, install dual exhaust and rear shocks so it wasn't a complete overhaul for now.
Yes I'm gonna do the body work, (what little there is) and have it resprayed, get better emblems and do a vinyl top delete (just not a big fan of them).
I know it's not as muscly and doesn't stand out as a 85-87 442 so I hope I don't get bored with it and except it for what it is, a highly optioned Cutlass for the last year for the rear wheel drive V8 and only 26,000 and some changed sold and I think only around 6,000 were T-Top cars.
Just wanted to share my story. Thanks for reading


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Jan 2, 2006
Looks a bit crunchy on the back there on the driver side, but shouldn't be too hard to fix. At least everything seems to be there so that's a good start.

I don't think anyone knows for sure how many T-top cars there were. Anyone who says they do either has every build sheet available for that model year and did the legwork to tally it up, or they're just BS'ing. GM didn't keep those sort of records. It was basically how many of what model, paint color, and engine/transmission use were built was about as far as they broke them down. And when it comes to options, you can't even extrapolate.
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Jan 21, 2020
Makes sense, just going on heresay of research. Yeah the lower rear quarter got scraped but that is not rust which is a good thing.
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Jul 3, 2021
Looks like you have the start of something that could be really nice. From time to time NOS Cutlass Supreme Classic sail panel emblems pop up on e-bay. Check the ground in the power seat wiring, that might do it.


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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
Looks great - what a great driver and survivor!


84 W40

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Dec 9, 2009
Welcome and nice looking car. You did say you wanted to remove the vinyl top but if it was me I would keep it I have only seen a hand full gbodys with white vinyl tops.
Oct 14, 2008
Make sure you take a picture of the option codes on the inner trunk lid,if you change it. I didn't, mine was also the worst part of the car. I assume someone checked off the F41 option with the sport wheel and buckets and console, which makes the car a much nicer driver. My 88 didn't and it handled like a washing machine on wheels in an ice storm. Also hopefully someone added the optional 3.08 gears. My base 2.56 gears made it pretty sluggish. My 88 also had the rust hoarder, white vinyl top. Imagine tying a plastic bag to your *ss for a month, let alone 30 years. It won't be pretty and could be hiding rust. Nice car.
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