2 1/8 headers for BBC

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Dec 27, 2006
Pensacola FL
Anybody know of off the shelf headers for BBC? I am concerned with using 2" primaries and the 3 1/2 collectors on the 2241 hooker super comps. I have a 555ci motor.
Hooker makes/made a set that come in peices/partailly assembled. They are like that so they slip in without problems with clearance. Don't remember what the p/n is but I saw them in the Jegs or the Summit catalog.
heres a place that may already have the headers your looking for, i am also trying to find some BB G body headers but mines a mild '54 so i am just looking for a cheap set of used off the shelf ones.

these are a little pricy but they are definately capable of flowing close to what you need. good luck.

I found the part # for the hooker headers. its 2241 Super Comp. Headers, fits 1978-1987 Chevelle/Monte Carlo w/396-454 V8. The book I got doesn't say what size the primarys are but if you look on the holley website you will probaly find out.
i think we need a little more information either way about what you need, i am under the assumption that you are looking for BIGGER tubes than the hookers. i cant see why you would want 2" primary tubes on a 555ci motor, it is the equivalent of a 2bbl adapter on a 4bbl intake. unless you like torque and/or dont want to spend the outrageous amount on custom headers. i would think you need 2 1/8", 2 1/4" maybe even a little bigger.
heres the specs on the hooker super comp engine swap headers.

75-77 396-502 2118HKR 2118-1HKR 4,92148,184,266 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 13⁄4x30 3 10 SAP
75-77 396-502 2250HKR 2250-1HKR 4,148,184,266 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 17⁄8x35 31⁄2 10 SAP
75-77 396-502 2217HKR 2217-1HKR 2,4,148,184,266 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 2x35 31⁄2 10 SAP
78-87 396-502 2241HKR 2241-1HKR 4,145,266 Y Y Y N N Y Y 2x30 31⁄2 10 SAP
Actually I got a pair of Stahl headers. They are 2 1/8 stepped to 2 1/4 with a 4" collector. I picked them up coated for under a grand!
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