500 Cadillac in a G Body


Feb 12, 2011
I was searching the internet and found another Cad person.
I purchased my 85 camino from Iowa about 3 yrs ago and the Caddy engine for transplanting 2 years ago, i currently have the body off and i'm installing the air ride suspension.
I'm up in Manitoba, Canada and was wondering what part of the country your from?
Excellent job and have fun!


Apr 14, 2011
i have a 81 Monte with a cad500 in it.I bought it with the cad in it already.My question is who"s rad did you use? I've been looking for a aluminum one that will keep the cad cool.I have the mech. fan and shroud,but the combo of weak rad and 3.73 gears it runs HOt!

Mike P

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Thread starter
Aug 7, 2009
I’m running one I picked up off E Bay. It’s a 2 row with 1” tubes. So far it’s doing OK, but we haven't hit the hot part of summer yet.


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Nov 11, 2008
Dayton, OH
I put a 10-1 Cad 509 in an 87 442. I used a Northern aluminum that I bought new for 179. Big bearing motors generate a lot more heat at higher rpms. Use a headered engine oil cooler and cool the problem directly. Like Bob did to help keep cool & extend the life of his oil / big bearing Olds 455. http://WWW.robertpowersmotorsports.com

BTW I used a 3.73 for optimum acceleration for my setup but with a built 200-R4 & a lock up converter for a final drive ratio of 2.49. This made for cool running on the interstate & good hwy mileage.

Great job on the car and documentation btw. Very cool.


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May 26, 2011
That is a really nice ride. Good job on all that hard work. It turned out pretty damn nice.


Master Mechanic
Aug 25, 2011
Las Vegas (Cali at Heart)
Not so fond of that monte front end but definitely not sumthing you see everyday which makes it even cooler. People have done all sorts of things to make their cars stand out from the next.. You definitely have a Gbody that will generate alot of attention. Great build! I like you it doesn't look like a beefy car but will probably surprise alota guy's who pull up next to it.


Royal Smart Person
Jan 1, 2009
Tulsa, OK
I dig the Monte front clip, not going to run into another one of those....

Lets see some video of it hazing the tires already!!!

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