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Apr 28, 2016
Well... its finally done, not drivable yet, i need to replace the trans fluid that came out the TV cable hole, a good 3-4 quarts by the looks of it in the catch pan, i also had to disconect the exhaust pipe from the passenger side header for more working room, the rusty old bolts and worn gasket needs replacing, doing both sides though, still need to attach the dual throttle return spring, install the rest of the carb studs and see through 3/8" fuel filter.

Setting the TV cable is scary enough due to my total lack of knowlege of 700r4 transmissions, but after many hours of research on the subject matter, i hope my efforts prove fruitful to say the least... that "bulk" adjustment, then "fine" adjustment is critical as well as the geomety of the TV cable, but i did set the the adjustments on the high(tight) side, no danger of smoking the clutches if things were on the low(loose) side, just make sure the carb choke linkage is disengaged, the carb throttle plate/shaft must in the idle position for correct setting of the TV cable.

Without further ado, here are the before and after of the TV cable/Throttle bracket/TV cable bracket change over.... much better me thinks.


  • before tv cable.JPG
    before tv cable.JPG
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  • after tv cable.JPG
    after tv cable.JPG
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