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86 Regal bracket racing

Discussion in 'Racing / Track / Heavy Mods.' started by Dbkan, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Dbkan

    Dbkan n00b

    Dec 5, 2017
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    Next season I plan on taking this car out and I have some questions about my setup and consistency.
    Here’s the info
    454 .30 over, stock stroke flat top pistons fresh rebuild. 781 ported flowed flowed heads comp valvetrain. .630 bullet racing flat tappet cam.
    750 quick fuel alcohol carb
    Turbo spline powerglide with TCI 254013 converter. Transbrake
    All MSD 7al2 box
    Rear end
    Quick performance 9 inch with 3.80 gears
    10 inch tire. Morison springs and drag bags.
    All steel except hood
    Racing seats up front keeping back seat
    8 point cage
    All glass
    Any info I need to provide to make this better just tell.

    Any advice definitely welcome!

    So my questions are with so much weight being up front will I have any traction issues?

    Recommendations for shocks rear and springs front and maybe rear. I’ve heard v6 springs and stock shocks on front are best because they help weight transfer.

    What kind of spark plug to run with alcohol?

    Will my 3.80 gear work okay with my current combination?
    I think that’s all I have now. Car built with me in college working part time and buying and selling cars. It’s all the best parts I could afford/ leftovers from father. Thank you.
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  2. lilbowtie

    lilbowtie Royal Smart Person

    Jan 7, 2006
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    Canton Mi
    You will have to forgive me because I'm not a big block person. I believe that head is an open chamber and with a flat top piston your not going to have much compression. That cam you have I believe has about a 260 @ .050 duration which means it would like a lot more compression than you have. That being said it will be interesting since your leaving off a brake @4500+ and the alcohol will enhance the compression. I'm going to take a guess(it's only a low guess) at 450hp which would be low 11's and with the 3.90 gears you would be going through the traps @ 57-5800 depending on TC slip. Traction shouldn't be a problem depending on prep and the glide will help. I have been running Auto Lite Racing plugs with no problems. Your probably going to need a gas prime on a cold engine.

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