Anybody an expert on value?


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May 22, 2017
Indianapolis, In
Not a huge scale car value guy but I deal a lot with farm & construction models from Ertl of the same vintage.

Out of box, light dust in nice shape, $15-$50 each. Depending on what's out of production and if someone has a collection that's missing 1 or 2.

Ertl/Racing Champions hasn't made a car model for 10-15+ years.
Racing Champions was actually bought out but another company (I believe whomever owns Johnny Lighning now) and have been releasing new cars. They have out out a few Gbodies recently too.


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Feb 20, 2018
AMT/ERTL is the mfgr name now. There is an auction site or two on line that deals in 1/25th and 1/24th size models. First edition, still in the box with the cellophane still intact usually command the highest prices. Not much difference in many respects between the cost of the re-releases and the originals. Still upwards of 50.00 for some and just try to score a tube of Lepages or Testor's model cement to assemble one. The stuff is right up there in the same category as hairspray when it comes to the stoners.


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