MONTE CARLO Body bushings

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Aug 14, 2011
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In that GN write up I noticed the poster said his #3 and #4 lower positions were "missing". He may have been incorrect in assuming that. There's a good possibility he was referring to the factory using p/n 337559 or 377802 washers that took the place of the rubber bits in those positions. Check your car over and find out what you have in each of those positions. And #5 doesn't use bolts. It just sits in the frame and is sandwiched in. Not all cars come with this #5, but if you have some, put them in as they won't ever hurt.
My Regal was also missing 3 and 4 lower bushings and there was a large bushing size gap between the washers and frame. The washers do not contact the frame. Those washers are likely only there to prevent total seperation of the body and frame in a crash. Buick deleted body bushings to create airgaps for a more cushy ride even through it screws up handling and promotes stress cracks.


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Energy Suspension even provides a simple diagram where all the bushings go. You would think that's the least they can do is to include a diagram. :rolleyes:
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Poly - what brand, or OEM rubber?


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