Brainstorming for my 84 Cutty rwd


Nov 30, 2013
Just found the junkyard Monte rolling chassis I had dolled for replacing rotted Cutty chassis has 2:29 non-posi 7.5. Have swap instructions for manual trans and intend to mate a Muncie 4-spd to the mini-mouse motor I've created for it. Built 4bolt/sbc to rev with fastburns on 4bolt/all forged bottom roller block with stroked chrome DZ crank. Have not examined the rear on Cutty chassis, was a 3.8 (with factory tach .. ??). Nice car with perfect perforated vinyl interior I always liked. Asiatic blue I had repainted factory, needs touch up again. Thought I had wanted 3:42 posi, but may try out the 2:29 as my first hot rod had a 2:56 8.5 10-bolt I actually liked driving .. 1st gear for a long time .. kinda wondering what tire size to use and if there is any possibility I can dart out into traffic when I need to goose it with the minnie-mouse being a high compression 316CI V8. Car is light, 3100ish I believe.

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