Goodmark Header Panel for Regal / Grand National

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Rt Jam

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Mar 30, 2020
Ontario Canada
Some reviews are just a simple good or bad. My review on the aftermarket replacement header panel is not either when there are so many factors to consider.
One giant consideration to make is there are very few used ones left out there. When a guy wants $400 or 500 for a broken one. That is a good deal. Fix the broken and have OEM quality, which is better than the quality of the aftermarket replacement.

Is the Goodmark all bad? No, after about 10-20 hours of work, it's pretty good but still not as good as a new OEM. I did have a broken OEM panel from a T Type parts car. I chose to sell the original broken panel but that was tough. Had to endure all the assh0les who believed it was their responsibility to tell me I was out of line asking $200 for a panel with a few broken posts, broken tabs and scratches.

The new one sure looked good on The Parts Place website and still looked good in the box, this was until I put it on the car.

The initial fit was bad. Took some rat tail filing, flat b*st*rd filing, hole drilling, hammering to get it to fit good to the fenders. Could still be better but we are going drag racing, not to a car show.

I am not anti Goodmark. These are their bumper fillers and they fit the header panel great. Fasteners are not as good as OEM but they are new and I chose to use them. These are flexible like OEM and no OEM has lasted 35 years so the fillers get a solid 10 out of 10. I know many praise the metal or fiberglass fillers for their workmanship but if you want flexible like OEM, I consider fiberglass as not an option.
Holes for the headlight adjusters. Not as good as OEM, the location is not perfect. It took some filing to get them to fit and some parts were too big and I just left it.
Bezel nuts were the same. Holes not in correct spot, had to file a bit, had to trim a couple nuts.

Header panel to fender tabs too far back. Too far forward could be resolved with washers or shims, too far back forced me to bend the tabs.

There are posts with long studs to reach and fasten to the core support. The aftermarket ones were too short. Would be a simple fix but since they are metric I had to buy online from an electronics store to make these longer. Can be considered minor but why couldn't they just make the studs long enough?

The fit to to the fenders are not bad but again, not as good as the oem was. We will have to see what this is like with paint.

I have no pictures but the fit to the hood was terrible. With the hood set to the height of the fenders, the header panel was 6 to 8mm lower than the middle area of hood. After slotting the holes to the metal header panel to core support bracket. I had to push very hard up on the panel then tighten the bolts. The bracket also had to be trimmed about 1/2" (red line).


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Rt Jam

G-Body Guru
Mar 30, 2020
Ontario Canada
One more thing. The headlight opening are too small. The bezels are supposed to be supported but the header panel. If you zoom you can see a gap between the bezels and the top of the header panel. These opening was smaller on the OEM and the bezel would sit on top of them. Hard for me to explain.

Here is it on the car. Hopefully these issues will be overlooked after it's painted. The moral of the story is OEM is better and I imagine a mint condition original would be worth over a grand. This is what you get for a few hundred.


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