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Jan 2, 2006
No official confirmation from McD's yet, but McRib season's just about here...

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Which reminds me of last week Wednesday's "what's for dinner?" picture of the day I forgot to post:
Pickles were different this time around. They were the slightly thicker, ridged-cut pickles like they use on their "premium" sandwiches, not the thin, smooth dills they used to use:


This makes the 42nd year in a row I have bathed at least ONE McRib in my gastric juices in an attempt to make brown spray paint. I hit them by chance when they first came on the scene in 1981. My mom was with me and she wasn't keen on McD's, but she tried one with me. She didn't like it much. I was like Homer Simpson on a Ribwich. Unfortunately, they didn't last long on their menu nationwide, and they ended up being a "regional/seasonal" thing like now, where they're in many places, but not all, and not for a long time. I guess they go by previous sales areas.
Well, the dark side of the McRib has claimed another. Jr. decided he wanted to try one, he likes it. Now we wait to see if he still likes it after it fights nature inside of him...
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