Jason Newsted from Metallica


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Feb 9, 2019
I work ACL Fest every year and usually on the barricades, mixing pit, or back gate security. I also get to talk to the various riggers who travel around the country doing these shows.
We have to enforce artists requests if possible (no pics, recording, etc), but for the most parts they're usually all pretty regular people. but you get to hear things too, and observe behavior.
Gary Clark Jr parents=ultra cool and understanding, GC too
Billy Idol=cool
Lars= per a rigger and my observation after he made an after concert speech "Lars is a fcking princess!"
Dwight Yoakam manager=ultra cool and understanding we couldn't let him in after lockdown until Security Director and Stage Manager showed up to verify identity
Eminem=another paranoid princess
Maybe it's the The Wedding Singer brainwashing me, but Ive always imagined Billy Idol as a pretty cool dude.


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Jul 23, 2018
Maybe it's the The Wedding Singer brainwashing me, but Ive always imagined Billy Idol as a pretty cool dude.
he may have been more like Dave Grohl admitted to being during Nirvana (i.e., "I was a dck to fans") but who knows, but a few years ago Billy actually played someones birthday.

I do know during the ACL show he put on he was halfway thru one song, stopped and told the crowd "it sounds like sh*te, not good enough!" and re-started. not two minute later stage power actually cuts out and the generators do not cut on. power comes back with the gen on backup, and he starts it AGAIN saying "we're gonna do it right!"
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Oct 22, 2017
it's tough meeting your hero's for the above reasons,it's a sh*t*y feeling when you find out their human and have bad days like the rest of us.a lot of people romantise what famous people are like and get super bent when they meet them and it doesn't fit their image of them or the person isn't what they appear to be.we have no idea what these folks have gone through in their line of work for our benefit.it's a rough way of life people should cut them some slack.
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Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Another thing to consider is drugs and alcohol play a major role in the behavior as well. Those outside influences can change them and those around them. They can be really cool the one time and a complete jerk another time. I think most of us here can be guilty of those exact influences at different times of our life. All in all, while they are our "heroes", we don't often remember that worldwide fame is a pretty stressful thing to manage. Watch any episode of "Breaking the Band".
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