My 305 build



G-Body Guru
Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
I don’t care about a 350 to be honest
I’m looking at a simple 305 rebuild
It’s just a cruiser

Turbo and nitrous it to Obote average boat anchor status sounds fun

I think I’ll just re ring what I have. It’s looking half decent as it is
I'm with Zach, a low budget turbo build with mild boost, 12 psi, and you'll have an extremely street friendly 350-400HP that will get fabulous fue economy. The turbo thing is waaaaay over-rated as being difficult, complex or expensive. It is the cheapest way way to doubling your HP. Seeing that you have a set of forged slugs in there already makes the decision even easier. Use your heads, a chinesium charged air cooler and drop $500 on a blow through crb (or build one yourself), for less than $1500 invested.

And if you get crazy, drop $50 on a Mac valve for some adjustable boost control.

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