New Gbody Enthusiast Here!

Sep 15, 2020
Hello everyone! I've been lurking this forum for the past couple weeks while doing a total overhaul of a 350 swapped 84 Cutlass Supreme for a customer of ours. Honestly I wasn't interested much more than it being work, until the first time we fired it off all on its own.
Naturally, I decided to make a forum account as we have much more work to do now. This Gbody was very poorly swapped and wired for sound, with bare copper twists everywhere, and a crude patchwork paisly headliner to match. Our customer bought it for his birthday, which is 12 days from now, and we are so close yet so far away. Thank you for accepting me into this community!

79 GP 4 speed

Master Mechanic
Nov 12, 2017
Welcome to the club from North Carolina. Do you have any pictures you can post?
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