CUTLASS NEW LEAD: ANOTHER 1984-earlier NOS Olds VIN Y E4MC Float Bowl (main body) Q-jet


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Jan 2, 2006
Not mine. But the same guy with the Chevy NOS carb main body has this one too. This is another one for an 84-earlier CCC VIN Y 307 Olds engine. I already got 2. So if you need one, here it is. Should work for 3 point adjustments as well. $55 plus shipping and taxes. POSSIBLY 17110134. You'll need to ask, as they don't list a part number and one won't be stamped on the side of it. It does have the same number written in sharpie as mine does though, so it's probably a 0134. But you need to verify. If they have the box, ask them what number it is. No dog in this hunt. I know nothing, I see nothing...


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