OEM vs. REPRO. Classic Industries purchase of gray tire valve stem caps for comparison.


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Jan 2, 2006
Perhaps it started in 85. If they didn't use them in 84, I know for sure they used them in 85 because they came with them. My 87 spare has an original gray cap although I haven't put gray caps on the rest of the valve stems yet. My 85 spare has a gray cap. As old as it is, I'll probably redo the valve stem in it anyway. The 84 H/O I know has a black cap. I'm pretty sure it's the original spare, but can't know for 100% sure since I didn't have it for the first 15 years of its life. It's the correct size, however, the T125/70D15 for non-posi. So with the info I have available, I'm just going to go ahead and extrapolate the 86's had gray caps on their spares as well.

I have a pic on my computer of an original low mile 87 442 with G80, and I went out to the shop and took pics of my 87 (non-G80) 85 (G80) spares. They're still virgin spares with all their nubs and color markings on the tread.

What I still can't figure out why the 87 got a T155/80D16 regardless, while the posi only got the 16" wheel on the 84 and 85. Same gears, same rear end essentially. I get why they were different sizes, but couldn't they have figured out just save a few bucks and have ONE spare like they did in 87?

Here's the pic from my 'puter...
87 442 origin spare.jpg

And this is my 87 spare

87 442 orig spare.JPG

And my 85 spare

85 Olds 442 Original Spare.JPG


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Jan 2, 2006
And found some web pics of an 85 442 (now belongs to a member here) with gray caps everywhere...

And I know there were more cars than just G-bodies that had gray caps on their spares. I was snagging them everywhere in the yards there for a short period.

1985 Olds 442 Spare Tire gray cap.jpg

1985 Olds 442 gray cap wheel on car.jpg
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Mar 3, 2009
It’s one of the fun things I do at yards too with g-bodies, snag the gray original caps. Should probably round them all up to keep together..


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Dec 7, 2007
I know this is late, but still. Just pulled my spare out (it still has 1987 air in it ;))





That's it. This spare didn't touch the ground until I got it. At least I think so.


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