one more thing to do before i move to the next problem



May 17, 2017
pine city/rosaila washington
i lost my keys during a cleanup so i went to buy an ign locking cylinder and i changed the ign switch at the same time. everything went in fine until i went to turn the key and it wouldn't turn. so i took the locking cylinder back out it is fine but when i went to turn the part inside the column to activate the switch it wouldn't move. it is a tilt column. is there a difference between a switch fora tilt and nontilt? i might have the switch for a nontilt. i guess i have to drop the column again. before i got the car there was a fire under the hood that messed up a bunch of wires and vacuum lines and i just got the shop manual found the other day. now if i can get the car into the shop where it is dry i will be happy

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