MALIBU Question regarding package trays



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Jan 4, 2009
Wellston, OK
Part DM00277....which red is the best match for 81...dark red or dark claret? My understanding is that carmine/dark red is 78/79, and dark claret was used in G bodies from 84 on?

Secondary question on the DM03128 tray end caps...are these as the OE pieces with the trough for the sail panels to seat into? Only one view on the product page, so I can't really tell.



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Sep 14, 2014
Shelocta, Pa
The red your Malibu has is dark maple (77) used '81, '83, '84. '82 used the same code but was called redwood which has hair bit more of brown in the hue. Can't recall fully if the '78-'80 maroon reds are the same or slightly different hues each year but they all have a hair more of a purple hue than the '85-'88 maroon. I learned this for my Monte that has the dark maple interior. I would contact Dixie to see what other colors they can do as the reds listed won't match. IMO dark maple is the b*st*rd red of the 4th gen A/G bodies.

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