Reverse Rotation Water Pump for You Already Know What...

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Aug 1, 2022
Had the hardest time trying to relocate this thread thinking it was going to be an Olds related child...
...then I had the hardest time thinking if it belongs here or in the Poncho section.

Anyhoo...wouldn't be the first time I pondered this question of adapting SBC serpentine to a Pontiac engine. Looking at some of the Butler Flowkooler offerings, the impeller appears non-directional. I'm wondering what would happen if you spun it backwards? Would the coolant flow the correct direction? Any detriment to spinning a bearing the opposite direction or it does not matter? BTW...I have the 11 bolt flavor water pump which is interesting that some of the differences are pulley depth placement meaning room for an adapter plate if going from short to long pump. I'd like to hear from anyone who's already done it or anyone who's got some insight to this?
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