Sedan POWER rear vent window removal

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Jul 12, 2007
Ft Polk, LA
My PS vent/wing window was broke, and today I replaced it. I couldn't find any how-to's, and wasted alot of time figuring it all out. So I'm posting this, in case someone searches gbodyforum for this, they won't waste the day away like I did.
The main thing that totally messed me up , was that hidden screw, behind the felt.

1. Remove door panel - pretty straight forward, remove all visible screws, un-screw door lock on top of panel, pry the panel away from the door (the perimeter is lined with plastic push pins), slide up, and maneuver the panel around the inside door handle. Unplug window switch.

2. Remove stationary window - Take off the window clips, holding the glass up (philips screws), then remove the metal bracket towards the front, that keeps the window from dropping, once the clips are removed. It has two 7mm bolts. Slide window down, then you can slide it up and out, pointing toward the outside.

3. Window Motor - the motor is attached to the door with 3 rubber nipples/pins. Just poke them thru the hole, and disconnect the wiring connecter. It is now free from the door.

4. Lower metal window trim - the anodized metal trim is held on with 3 panhead philips screws. 2 are visible, and reachable once the window is removed. The third screw (rear screw) is hidden behind the window seal/felt. Pry the felt out, remove the screw, and the whole vent window assembly (with motor and cable assembly attached) can be removed from the window frame. (If still stuck, remove the remaining metal window trim)

5. Replacing the vent window - Once the last step is completed you can see how the motor cable is attached to the window, and you can disassemble from there. I removed the bracket holding the lower window peg to the frame, by drilling out the 2 rivets. I didn't have a rivet gun, so I reassembled by using screws (with hold down brackets, cause I couldnt find matching bolts/nuts). This part is a beotch, because the window seals are a pain to squeeze back in the frame. Greasin' em up helped reinstallation a bit.








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