REGAL Wheel arch moldings


Oct 25, 2009
Exeter, NH
Has anybody had any luck with aftermarket wheel arch moldings or do they fit as terribly as most of the other aftermarket parts?

My Regal had chrome moldings that were kind of beat up. I thought I could just go without them but we ended up vinyl wrapping my car.

I'd like to add a set of black moldings to complete the look I'm going for, but I'm nervous about the ebay specials...


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Jan 2, 2006
as you should be. I'd be nervous as well.

Face it, there's maybe about 5% of aftermarket parts for G-bodies that are actually worth putting on the car. Everything isn't junk, but a lot of stuff is.

There's an option though. If I were doing it....

Get the aftermarkets, but do not adapt your car to the moldings. Adapt the moldings to the car. Consider them temporary, so perfection wouldn't be the key. But you want them black, get them in black or paint/wrap them black. If they need an extra hole drilled to match the screw hole in your fender, make it on the molding. DO NOT drill holes in your fender to match the molding hole. See the first two sentences in this paragraph.

In the meantime, scour the yards, hunt down pieces and parts until you can scrounge up either NOS or good used set of moldings, or even one at a time until you get a full set of OEM ones.

Then, when it's time, take the aftermarket place-holders off your wheel wells and install the guaranteed to fit OEM refinished ones and you'll be happy. Best of all, there should be no extra holes due to the aftermarket ones. Sell the aftermarkets to someone that happens to be in your current position, and make a few bucks back on the deal. Win-win for everyone.
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G-Body Guru
Mar 30, 2016
Lockport, Il
I have a set of aftermarket black ones that fit good on my regal but then I pulled them off and now they just sitting on the shelf pm me ill sell my set
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Dec 1, 2014
Upstate NY
565 put a set on his regal that look pretty decent to me in the pics he's posted. We have the same set to put on at some point.

Are you referencing the same ones he has?
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Aug 8, 2011
565 put a set on his regal that look pretty decent to me in the pics he's posted. We have the same set to put on at some point.

Are you referencing the same ones he has?
I actually bought the aftermarket black stock style ones first, they look good and appeared to fit well but I ended up not using them because I decided to go with the GNX flares instead to give it a more aggressive look with the ground effects.

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