78 monte carlo

  1. 7

    ALDL / ECM Location

    I got a 1978 Monte Carlo 2bbl 305. Check engine light has been on & losing power when turning. Cannot seem to find the ALDL or ECM to retrieve code. In need of some guidance my friends
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  3. 78Monte08


    Cleaned up for the Syracuse Nationals
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  5. 78Monte06.jpeg


  6. 78Monte05.jpeg


    With a blower from the Blower Shop
  7. 78Monte04.jpeg


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  10. 78Monte01.jpeg


  11. smokybob

    78 Monte carlo Dash options??

    Dixie makes a brand new 81 dash. My question is, will the 81 dash fit in the 78? Does anyone know if this is possible? Finding a dash is proving hard.
  12. smokybob

    BUILD THREAD 78 Monte Carlo "Infidel"

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this will be my second build. My first was a 63 Impala that i didn't get to finish. Had to sell it when the housing bubble blew up in 08. Im a disabled vet with PTSD, working on cars is therapeutic for me. I hope that explains why i chose this car. It needs...

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