1. J

    Starting and dies

    Starts up good but will die unless I feather the gas a few times to keep it going. After warm up runs good. This is a new rebuilt carb I bought from National Carburetor Co. I sent it back to them for this problem and they supposedly fixed it but still same problem. Things I have done to solve...
  2. E

    Rapid Clicking from Carb During Idle

    Hi everyone, First thread here happy to be apart of the community! First question, I had a bunch of ruined wires coming from my wiring harness that I re-spliced and reconnected (my gauge fuse kept blowing out due to a short). After I did that and fired up my engine, a bunch of blue smoke...
  3. Eddie Cutlass

    CUTLASS Replace TPS or Carb?

    Hey guys, wondering if y’all could give me a few pros and cons on either replacing the TPS or replacing the whole carb? I’m pulling a code 21 (faulty TPS). Car is a 1985 Cutlass supreme 307 Olds V8. Thanks in advance!
  4. LukeZ

    305 Quadrajet to EFI

    Hey guys, Ive been thinking about switching to EFI on my 305 for better fuel management (mostly I want better mileage and throttle response. It's just a daily). I have the stock 4 Barrel quadrajet and my intake manifold is an Eddy Performer Air Gap. Two big questions: first, are there...
  5. CaliWagon83

    CARB-legal LS Swap - It can be done!

    Video quality not great, but found this video on YouTube of a Monte Carlo SS with a fully C.A.R.B.-legal LS1 swap. For all you doubters out there, it can be done!
  6. RegMan79

    Issues after swap. Intake/carb

    Hello everyone. So I swapped my intake and carb last week (first time). I finally got it running, but not well. It's hard to keep running and it back fires at half throttle also I'm seeing some smoke out the valve covers. It ran good before the swap and only smoked for a second on start ups...
  7. RegMan79

    Dual jet 210 carburetor spring location

    I took my carb off to clean the intake and carburetor. This little spring popped out from somewhere not sure where it goes. 79 Monte 267 engine Dualjet 210 carb. The model number is in the picture
  8. RegMan79

    Edelbrock intake 2101. Carb?

    I recently got a used 2101 performer eddy intake. Was thinking of getting a eddy 1405 carb to use with it. After reading about these QuadJets, I'm thinking I might just keep it for now. What would you guys suggest? There's a lot of mixed feelings about both of these. Car is currently stock and a...
  9. TX762

    Upgrading carb E2ME to E4ME ... What else do I need?

    Good day folks, I'm planning to upgrade my El Camino's computer controlled 2 barrel to a computer controlled Quadrajet. Here's what I know I need to replace to get it done: 1) Quadrajet - National Carburetors reman E4ME 2) 4-bbl intake manifold - Speedmaster Holeshot (EGR) 3) Fuel hard line to...

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