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  1. buck3647

    GM G body rarely known about Riviera by Buick

    Few know that GM used the G body format so as to fit the shell of 1995-99 Riviera by Buick, the last of the G bodies.
  2. Swindells

    CUTLASS General paint discussion

    The time is coming soon to paint my cutlass and I’m having a very hard time deciding what colour/colours to paint it I was thinking a high gloss white originally being as I have the bluey/green stock interior, kinda limits me to choices for exterior paint but I think I’d like to go 2 tone just...
  3. 20191109_110842.jpg


    Bout to take her out
  4. IMG_20160816_133135.jpg


    Project chicks
  5. B

    78 Elco Project-New to forum

    Had an early 80's Elco about 20 yrs ago that i had just barely gotten started on by swapping in a sb and auto trans in place of the v6 and 3 sp man along with exhaust. Then life got in the way and i had to sell it for a work rig. So for 20 yrs i have watched others build, race, and just flat out...
  6. Boy1duh

    Cutlass for sale

    I have a 1987 cutlass for sale with t-tops no rust clean as a whistle in the chicago land area
  7. Emmanuel cuellar

    1984 buick regal convertible

  8. O

    Sway bar mount? 34mm 36mm F Body

    I found a great deal on what should be either a 34mm or 36mm front sway bar. According to seller its a 36mm but we'll see (no trust haha). Do g body factory sway bar mounts with new 36mm bushings work? I know sometimes the mounts themselves can't house a larger diameter bar. I also figured most...
  9. Boy1duh

    87 mc ls swap

    I've read a lot of great threads about this and really its beating a dead horse but I'm new to this and not building the car myself I just have a few questions what's the cheapest u can do a swap to labor should I stay in my lane and stick to old school 350's would that be cheaper I'm trying to...
  10. SRD art

    Wicked wagon...

    Hey all, been a while since I dropped in, life just gets too busy sometimes, right? I've got big plans for this year's racing schedule and to give the Pumkinator a bit of a facelift I finally nailed down the look I'm going for. I had some time over the Christmas break to start a new...

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