1. O

    Ignition Issue

    I have an 83 El Camino cranks over perfect but will not start have no power to pink or purple wire in ignition switch neither no power to ign or gauge fuses but fuses or not blown need help !!! Don’t have power to pink wire that connects to coil in distributor neither
  2. SaikotheSergal

    '78 El Camino No power to coil?

    Hey Guys! So I have a question. My El co randomly wouldn't start the other day, I found that I Have no spark... Well, after Ohming out my coil and finding out everything on the distributor was good, I found a power wire right next to the wire for TACH on my cap (HEI Ignition). I hooked up a...
  3. M

    Rough Idle 267 4.4L V8

    My 1981 Chevy Monte Carlo has been running very rough when idling. When I put it in drive it gets a lot worse, but at high rpm it is smooth. I’ve just replaced all of the spark plugs yesterday and it was running smoother than ever. The engine has 72,000km on it and has brand new oil, air and...
  4. V

    Elco won't start!

    My 1987 Chevrolet El Camino has been in storage all winter. It has been hooked up to a battery tender for most of it and I started almost every week. The past two Winters there has been mice in the car although no signs of them are currently present. Today, I turned the key in the ignition to...
  5. A

    87 Monte SS Key Ignition Troubles

    I have a 87 Monte Carlo w/ console shifter.... the problem that exist is my key cylinder will go in the crank position start and drive but when i place the car in park the key cylinder won't go back to the off position to release the key. Ive changed the key cylinder and the problem still...
  6. ugly 78 elky

    radio ignition noise of death and destruction

    ive tried everything to kill this popping in my speakers coming from my ignition system including all new ignition components (plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, coil....no cheap stuff....), butt loads of grounds placed here and there, radio noise filter, ignition box noise filter capacitor from msd...
  7. Michael Farrell

    1987 Grand Prix Warning Gauge Cluster & Ignition

    Hi Guys, I have an 87 GP (Base) with the Chevrolet 305 recently it has started constantly blowing 2 Fuses on my fuse block [IGN 1 - 10 AMP (according to my fuse block) and Gauges - 10 AMP] just not sure where to start the troubleshooting process but if its any help the Ignition 1 fuse will blow...
  8. Luke's82

    Help please! My 1982 Malibu Classic wagon suddenly runs terribly

    The wagon has a 267 v8 stock. Within the past year, the car has had new plugs, wires, and distributor. Two days ago, I filled it up with premium (usually do once a month), and gave it a car wash. It ran well all the way home after the fill up and wash, but the next morning would not idle when...
  9. MalibuHacon

    Buzzer will randomly come on..

    On my 1980 Chevy Malibu the buzzer randomly comes on, and stays on! it is very loud and obnoxious, and i think it might be pulling some battery juice as well. It will disappear when I put my key in the ignition and turn it to the first click and turn on again once i take it out. It will get...

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