1. Dezimade

    MALIBU Rear break lights

    Hi happy day. No break lights. 🟥◻️🟥 Been sniffing around the fuse box and other areas. What would cause all lights to work properly but the break lights. 💭 Have not changed any or checked bulbs, As I’m at a family thing? Thanks
  2. S


    Does anyone know how to replace the light bulb for the emergency brake light (red) on dash? I always use the brake on inclines and now after almost 21 years of ownership the light no longer works. Anyone? Does it need to be reached from under dash (which seems impossible) or does the front...
  3. S

    Third Brake Light Monte SS

    My 3rd brake light went out the other day and i was wondering if its worth replacing the bulb or replacing the entire thing. One of the only things in the car that I'm not quite sure with. I would just assume replace the bulb, but if that is more work than its worth Mikes Montes has the LED one...

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