1. atvjoey

    LS Swap with TKO 500/600

    So I have an 87 El Camino that I put a brand new sbc 350 in it with a 2.73 open diff and a th350 to build a daily driver. it has been great but I am quickly realizing the limitations to what I thought would be a good daily driver. I do have access to another car while this swap happens but I...
  2. Zone_4_Lanlord

    a/c blows hard on cold, but barely blows on hot

    My a/c blow hard with them temp selector on cold, but when i switch to heat it barely blows. Whats the cause of this? If its on heat, the more i move it to cold, the harder it blows. The heat is hot it just barely coming out of the vents. All vacuum lines are fixed, everything else works. it...
  3. dotheshuffle

    ditching the gen 1... for ?

    I bought my 100.00 princess 3 years ago. I rebuilt and replaced just about everything but her tail lights. Wish I knew about this site back then, lots of good pointers here. Since I've owned this car, I've pulled the (old owners built 350) motor twice. Once for the rebuild (I added forged...

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