1. M

    Best options for a stock looking radio that’s been modernized and a decent sound system?

    Looking for advice and recommendations for a stock looking radio that has bluetooth and upgraded internals and a decent-good system to go along with it. I’m having my 1980 Malibu built and I want to keep the dash stock-ish looking, I’m pretty sure the whole dash is going to need to be replaced...
  2. M

    New user, long time reader, finally getting my G body built.

    Hello fellow g body enthusiasts! I’m not new here by any means, I’ve been coming here to read g body stuff ever since I bought my 1980 Malibu in January ‘15 when I had just turned 16. Due to living with a busy single mom and having a lot going on I never got the chance too get my license and...
  3. BlairC_789

    BUILD THREAD A Teenager and His Malibu Wagon.

    This thread will catch up on the build of my Malibu wagon over the past 1.5 years, and then continue to follow along as I continue to work. Hey all, I'm Blair and I'm 19, and since middle school I've fell in love with station wagons I started to look for one to buy. Looking at a couple of Torino...

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