BUILD THREAD A Teenager and His Malibu Wagon.


Jun 18, 2021
North Carolina
This thread will catch up on the build of my Malibu wagon over the past 1.5 years, and then continue to follow along as I continue to work.
Hey all, I'm Blair and I'm 19, and since middle school I've fell in love with station wagons I started to look for one to buy. Looking at a couple of Torino wagons, LTD wagons, I finally decided on my 1980 Malibu Wagon Classic Estate. I bought my Malibu back on OCT 1, 2020 from a guy in a Durham, NC. From what I was told from the guy i bought it from the wagon had a previous turbo LS swap and then got the current 305 put in from an Elcamino SS. I highly doubt it as there are no signs of any kind of LS setup. other than the gas tank had been modified. and some wiring that's been hacked up a little bit.
I hope to have this as a fun street car that I can daily to work, school, and on trips. All while on my current budget setup while being in college.
Plans currently:
mild built 355 (currently building the motor)

swap my turbo 350 for a 200r4
ford 8.8 swap.
paint job at home
full interior restoration w/ quality sound system.
go through the suspension and update it, but nothing to crazy.
way down the road swap to an 5.3 or 6.0 ls.

Thanks for reading, and follow along with my build and other projects!
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Rocket Powered Basset Hound
Oct 14, 2008
Gainesville, Fl
Hi Blair.
Welcome aboard. It's good to see another wagon being saved. It sounds like you have an honest and viable plan for it. What's the overall condition of the car? Rust, etc? Keep us updated on your progress.
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Comic Book Super Hero
Jun 27, 2017
Pgh, PA
Welcome, sounds like it should be pretty cool
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Living in the Past
Jul 19, 2009
Permanent Temporary
Welcome. I was you and my car was yours 40 years ago.
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Sep 9, 2020
Central Illinois
I agree with Tony. I love the way it looks with the two-tone red and flat black. Then again, my El Camino was in flat gray primer my senior year and half way through college. My friends called it "sinister". I called in "unfinished"! Welcome aboard. It looks like a fun build.
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G-Body Guru
Sep 27, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Welcome to the GBodyForum!
I too am a Wagon fan. I've had a few. Looks like you have a great start and a great plan. Execute your plan and make that Wagon yours. We are all here for any help you may need.
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