1. Kustomvida90

    Brake nightmare!

    Hi guys , I recently did a full brake restoration on my 1986 v8 Montecarlo, after the job was finished I have next to nothing braking power!… also I noticed that there’s bubbling inside the MC when brake is pressed in the rear chamber that holds the fluid for the front! At first I thought it...
  2. 78_Monte970

    78 Monte Carlo

    Starting a build thread for the 78’. This is my first project so I guess I’ll learn as I go. 305 or 350, I can’t tell. Turbo 350 transmission. Body is relatively straight. Shaved handles. Car currently doesn’t start because the wiring is all shot. The previous owner seems to have not known much about...
  3. 78_Monte970

    New Gbody

    Hey guys, My names Ethan and I’m from Colorado. Today I picked up my first Gbody, a 78 Monte Carlo, 305/th350 was a factory red/red and someone did a very thick paint job that I’ll take off eventually.
  4. H33ZY

    Things to have in Stock

    Hey Guys, like i've said before i will be in the US end of April for a couple of days and now i'm trying to think of stuff for my Monte Carlo i should buy to take home with me so i can safe on Shipping costs etc. I'm thinking about small parts like wheel bearings, spark plug wires and such ...
  5. B

    Which shifter?

    Anyone ever use this shifter? What about this one? I know one is a ratchet and one is a...
  6. Roberto

    Monte Carlo parts wanted!! ASAP

    I swapped a sbc 350 into my 86 Cutlass and I need some parts in order to finish it. Clutch fan and fan Crank pulley and water pump pulley Dual pulley power steering pump with all 3 brackets attached Upper radiator hose
  7. smokybob

    Seats, I know....

    Brand new here. I have a 1978 Monte Carlo im redoing. Will Cadillac seats from a Fleetwood or deville fit into a Gbody? I have heard different things from people. Has anyone here tried something like this? I have buckets right now.
  8. Charles82malibu

    Will the seats out of an 87 Monte Carlo fit in an 82 malibu

    Hey, I own a 1982 Chevrolet Malibu classic 4 door that I am looking to put a b&m ratchet shifter in, but my car has a bench seat in it so it won't work. As of right now I know where there is a set of reclining bucket seats out of a 1987 Monte Carlo for sale and I was wondering if they would bolt...

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